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Introducing a China-Appointed Attesting Officer: China Attestation Enquiries: 91099999 WhatsAPP Welcome !

image from 898.typepad.comWe have 3 China-Appointed Attesting Officers and provide China attesting service on Hong Kong documents for use in China.

A China-Appointed Attesting Officer is appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the PRC after training and passing the prescribed qualifying examinations. The attesting officer must be a qualified and practising lawyer in Hong Kong with more than 10 years’ experience.

Duties of a China attestation officer and common documents:

  • verifying whether the contents of documents reflect the true meanings of the document users, 
  • personally verify the authenticity and legality of the materials provided by the document users. 
  • majority of the documents are Hong Kong related. These might include Government issued documents such as business registration certificates, certificate of incorporation of limited companies, birth certificates and marriage certificates. But sometimes, it might include private prepared documents such as company resolutions and Powers of Attorney.

Legal significance of Attestation

Attested documents will be legally valid and protected under the laws of PRC upon the sealing and delivery by China Legal Services (H.K.) Ltd. to the relevant authority in Mainland China and the examination and registration of the relevant authority.

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China-Appointed Attesting Officer

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Hong Kong Documents Attestation for Use in Mainland China

Document attestation is required if you want to present a Hong Kong legal document for use in Mainland China. This is similar to "notarization" or "notarial act" as happened with notary public's duties.

This is to prove the authenticity and legality of certain acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring in or originating from Hong Kong. The purpose is to facilitate your civil and business activities in Mainland China.

The personal recognised to perform such formal function is called China-Appointed Attesting Officer. The attesting officer will prepare and attest the documents for your use in Mainland China. We have a China-Appointed Attesting Officer.

Types of  corporate, business or personal documents for attestation may include:

  • Bank reference
  • Company Certificate of company particulars
  • Certificate of board resolution 
  • Letter of Certification for Hong Kong enterprises 
  • Property transaction documents e.g. mortgage and charge 
  • CEPA Certificate Documents used for commercial activities 
  • Personal Statement of marital relationship (marriage) 
  • Declaration for estate succession or renunciation of rights over assets in Mainland China
  • Declaration for child adoption 
  • Declaration for the application for immigration or visits to Hong Kong for the family members of Hong Kong residents 
  • Statement of financial conditions guarantee for studying abroad 
  • Power of attorney 
  • Deed of gift 
  • Property transaction documents e.g. mortgage or charge 

Attestation services can enable you your settlement, marriage, inheritance, adoption of children, other civil matters, or your investment and economic activities in Mainland China.

China attesting services can effectively protect your legal rights and interests in Mainland China. 

L'introduction d'un agent de la Chine-Nommé attestant: la Chine attestation

Une Chine-Nommé officier témoin est nommé par le ministère de la Justice de la République populaire après la formation et réussi les examens prescrits admissibles.

L'agent attestant doit être un juriste qualifié et en activité, à Hong Kong avec une expérience de plus de 10 ans.

Devoirs d'un agent de l'attestation de la Chine:

vérifier si le contenu des documents reflètent les vraies significations des utilisateurs de documents, personnellement vérifier l'authenticité et la légalité des documents fournis par les utilisateurs de documents. Important d'attestation

Documents attestés seront juridiquement valables et protégés en vertu des lois de République populaire de Chine sur l'étanchéité et la livraison par la Chine des services juridiques (HK) Ltd à l'autorité compétente en Chine continentale et de l'examen et l'enregistrement de l'autorité compétente.

Information sur notre service d'attestation de documents

Chine-Nommé officier témoin

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Einführung in ein von China ernannter Attestation Büro

Ein von China ernannter Attesting Officer wird durch das Ministerium der Justiz der VR China nach der Ausbildung und bestandener vorgeschriebenen Fachprüfungen ernannt.

Die Bescheinigung muss ein qualifizierter Offizier und praktizierender Anwalt in Hong Kong mit mehr als 10 Jahre Erfahrung sein.

Pflichten eines Offiziers China Bescheinigung:

überprüfen, ob die Inhalte von Dokumenten, die wahren Bedeutungen der Benutzer Dokument widerspiegeln, persönlich die Echtheit und Rechtmäßigkeit der Materialien, die von den Benutzern Dokument zur Verfügung gestellt. Wichtige Bescheinigungsformular

Bescheinigt Dokumente werden rechtsgültig und geschützt unter den Gesetzen der Volksrepublik China auf die Abdichtung und die Lieferung durch China Legal Services (HK) Ltd an die zuständige Behörde auf dem chinesischen Festland und der Prüfung und Registrierung von der zuständigen Behörde.

Informationen zu unseren Service-Dokument Bescheinigung

China ernannter Attesting Officer

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